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4-20-22 – Pineo Falconry Business Transition Update:

We’re pleased to announce the sale of our lines of falconry gear to new owners, Rose Hawking as of 4/20/2022

All of our most popular designs will continue to be available through two companies, Rose Hawking and Dogs Unlimited. They are both committed to continuing the quality of our products made in the USA. Due to gaps in our stock of products at the time of transfer of ownership they are both in the process of restocking.

Rose Hawking will carry our AVATAR Hawking Vest, Bandolero Hawking Bag, Pendleton Hawking Glove, single thick and double thick gauntlets, and TITAN 8 titanium swivels. Rob Rose is a long-time falconer and fan of our gear, and his whole family will be participating in standing up and operating the new company. Arden Rose will be your main contact at [email protected]. Rob can be reached at [email protected]. Their new website address is http://rosehawking.com.

The AVATAR Upland Hunting Vest is available exclusively at Dogs Unlimited through their website at https://www.dogsunlimited.com. Dogs Unlimited also has everything you need to train, hunt and care for your sporting dog, whether pointing dog or retriever.

Doug will continue crafting hoods for long established and new customers. Contact Doug at [email protected], or mobile number 509-230-3140.